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Join the Community Today!

Why play minecraft alone when you can play with a world of people in isloation?!

Mob Arena

Fight mobs in waves for Cash in our custom battle tower, fight with your friends in diffrent classes or have them spectate you in all your glory!

Kits and crates

All our kits you can purchase with ingame currency, NO PAY TO WIN here! Grind the game and win some real loot, or take a risk and buy a crate key?

Shop + Economy

Our shop is a fair non OP shop, Put the work in and you will be rewarded, we have a full Auction system and much more to make you money!

Custom Terrain

Our terrain is custom made with randomly spawned buildings around the map full of loot, travel out! what will you find? Field of crops? Washed up pirate ship? Ancient Temple?


Don’t get lonely during these isolation times! if you’re a bit of an introvert get yourself a pet! from a fish to an enderman we have it all!

Land Claim

Dont worry! you builds and chests are safe! you can claim you land and even invite friends to be part of your land!

Custom Terrain and Mystery Structures!

Our Terrain is fully custom generated, we have every biome in our 3500×3500 World Border for you to expore. not only is the terain custom but so are the trees, Building and temples, each with new loot waiting to be found! 

Coming Soon

Creative, Factions, Minigames and more!

If this community keeps growing even after the Covid 19 has been and gone we will be looking to relase new game modes! these will be dictated and voted on by you guys, the community! We only want to release features and game mode that you want to play so make you voice heard in our Discord and ingame chat